A podcast about scaling entrepreneurship and innovation in theupperleft.


Lee Reeves, Host

Lee is a former Evangelist with Galvanize and Community Manager at IBM Global Entrepreneur, where he supported the growth and development of tech companies and startup communities through mentorship, connections, and access to technology resources. As Pacific Northwest Community Manager, Lee managed regional relationships with (Bend, Eugene, Portland, Seattle, Victoria, Vancouver & Anchorage) startup accelerators and incubators.

Lee has a very diverse professional network; he has relationships with law firms, manufacturers, commercial distribution partners, tech accelerators, incubators, coding schools, angel investors and venture capitalists.  Lee has served on the Seattle delegation for Vancouver Startup Week and has been a speaker at TAO Ignite: Southern Willamette Valley.  Lee is the Co-Founder of Startup253 and was the Director of Business Development (volunteer) for Seattle Startup Week (2017). Lee is currently Manager of Startup Ecosystem Business Development Oracle (Oracle Global Startup Ecosystem) where he works on a team to provide enriching, collaborative partnerships to enable next-generation growth, business development, and drive cloud-based innovation for innovators and startups through all stages of their journey - from university to startups to growth stage companies and beyond.